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Lifeguard your business with our B2B mailing list and let your sales team discover new prospects, increase conversions, and win potential customers that fit your business well.

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LeadsProspex is a B2B data company that provides an accurate, authentic, and actionable list to grow your business across the nations. We understand that both quality and quantity are essential when it comes to B2B business data. Hence we deliver as claimed because we know the value of your time and money. 

LeadsProspex makes acquiring high-quality data easier, where our B2B email list leads you down to- 

  • Purchasing accurate and relevant B2B data.
  • Running your marketing campaigns.
  • Qualifying best leads.
  • Achieving your sales goals.

The quality of your data matters a great deal. Reach out to us for a free customized sales data sample file.

b2b sales data



A successful marketer is one who can boost a company’s revenue by running successful marketing campaigns by reaching out to the target audience. With our B2B email lists, get your marketing drives noticed by the right people.

Lead Generation

Data-driven lead generation leads you to the recognition of potential clients. B2B contact database is the way to find the best prospects at scale and is often used by marketers and sales teams. Fresh data helps emphasize your sales and increase the relevancy of your prospects. 

Targeting audience

B2B data is vital for sales growth. Connecting with your ideal audience will help you get closer to converting your leads into sales. A strong sales strategy is an effective way to grow your business.

Identifying opportunities

Our B2B sales data helps you in identifying new opportunities, so you can be the first on the scene when a hot new prospect arises.

Knowing your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP)

Identifying ideal customer profiles allows you to be more precise about your sales campaign efforts, and this is the first step to connecting your product or service to a new customer.


A thriving B2B business needs contacts and we specialize in providing the best B2B mailing lists consisting of relevant C-level contacts, all of this in the least expensive way. With our help, you can get in touch with prospective customers today. Our team works relentlessly to ensure, top- quality, verified and accurate B2B data that convert at a higher rate by using the data to spot your prospective customers. 

When you need more sales contacts, you can turn to us. LeadsProspex is all about the exemplary quality of work, the best B2B contact database provider that makes your sales team jump for joy instead of tearing their hair out. Our services are designed to help meet your goals. We help you direct focus in the right direction so you can reach your sales goals on time.


Push the sales-ready, decision-makers of the companies through your sales pipeline and accomplish your sales goals with:









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By providing you with the best possible B2B data we can help you take your business to the next level. As a progressive B2B email database provider, we understand how important it is for your business to have a constant flow of new contacts. That is why we do everything possible to help you reach new heights and expand your reach into new markets.


“When opportunity presents itself, don’t be afraid to go after it.” – Eddie Kennison, Entrepreneur


B2B data for Insurance

Accurate sales data is the key to success!

Searching and finding new data may be monotonous and time-consuming. Generating contacts through our B2B sales data is a dynamic process of targeting your potential customers. Data is like oil to your business engine, it helps you keep moving forward to reach your goal. Oiling this engine regularly is maintaining your long-lasting sales pipeline of new and existing customers and business opportunities. Whether you are a start-up or a well-established company, you can rely on our Insurance datasets to grow your business.

B2B data for Real Estate

B2B sales data for Real Estate is not a new concept. Although the techniques and strategy used to generate leads have changed over the years, the general concept of sales data for real estate has been around for as long as real estate agents have existed. As a city grows and expands, so does the economy for that city. The real estate industries grow, so do other services like housekeeping, security services, painters, and other associated industries with it also grows.  We suggest trying our Real estate datasets today and getting started on beating your competition in real-time.

B2B data for Technology

B2B sales data for technology has changed the game for businesses. With the development of new technologies in the market, our sales data have become more comprehensive. We know the distinctive needs of the industry along with the complicated systems and services it provides. Our expert team can produce exceptional results in B2B sales data for tech installation. Unlike earlier when it used to jam up so much of your time can now be over within minutes. In no time, you’ll be able to reach and connect with your target audience and also start growing your sales with our Technology database.

B2B data for Healthcare

It doesn’t matter if your sector is in the healthcare industry, medical manufacturing or medical care, harvesting medical sales data will be essential for both B2B and B2C to keep your company or practice growing. Top-quality data is all you need to start a conversation with the customer you want to engage with. If you want B2B sales data that are accurate and based on real-world experience that works, try our Healthcare database today. Our determined strategies can help you accomplish your sales goal.

B2B data for Finance & Banking

B2B digital marketing is one of the most effective marketing trends in the industry today. This does not exempt you from pushing towards these techniques even if you are a banking or a finance company. The competition has become stiffer than ever, it is vital for you to reach your potential customers and clients in the most effective way. As the population on the internet is increasing day by day, you have a wider customer reach to your advantage. Try our Finance & Banking database today and start converting your potential customers into your paying customers.

B2B data for Law Firms

B2B sales data for law firms is worth the investment. In fact, many companies think that their biggest problem isn’t getting prospects—but getting the right kind of prospects. If you have been looking for ways to generate more leads and have found yourself struggling with little success, don’t worry, we are here for you to provide the best available data. If you are looking to generate high-quality leads for your online sales campaigns, try our Law firm datasets.


You must have come across the term ‘B2B data’ several times, but what exactly is it? What else do you need to know to start your own successful sales campaign?

B2B sales data is the collection of information that helps in driving your sales and marketing campaigns. B2B data consists of B2B emailing list holding information such as company details, job title, and location. Every record is verified and accurate, giving you access to the most relevant businesses in the country. Conversion rates can never be 100%, hence it is essential to fill your sales pipelines with qualitative contacts. This is the main reason why you need a trusted data provider like us so that your time and efforts are not wasted. 

LeadsProspex has been the leading B2B database provider since 2009 and we have built an experienced team that is specialized in delivering high-quality sales-ready contacts at an affordable price. Accumulating data allows you to gather information about prospective clients while also nurturing them via email and other means before reaching out to them directly to make a sale. Our B2B database is an important step for your online sales and marketing strategy because it utilizes the most effective online marketing platform such as email, social media, etc to collect information and insight on customers.

“You are out of business if you don’t have a prospect.” – Zig Zigler

Get Right Prospect with LeadsProspex


Better Evaluate Your Results

One of the great ways to have a measurable impact on your sales campaign is identifying where your B2B contacts had dropped off and attempting to resolve the issue while learning how to reconnect with them that were lost can be a big help.

Boost Your Sales

Our B2B sales data will maximize your brand’s ability to reach your target audience. This will require using the right messaging, offers, to generate interest from these customers. The potential for revenue growth is great, especially when you’re focusing on your audience’s interests.

Overcome Challenges

A lot of time and effort is required to create online B2B sales contact. This is where you struggle because you get frustrated with the time it takes. Choosing not to generate online B2B contacts will however decrease your business revenue. Here, owning our B2B sales data which helps you make new contacts will do the trick.

Expand Your Market Horizon

When you started this business, you targeted a specific group of people. But is this the only area you can and should be targeting? Now, with our B2B sales data, you have the chance to expand your business into new markets you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Reduced Cost Per Lead (CPL)

CPL represents the amount of money you spend acquiring new data for leads. You can boost your ROI of your marketing activities by keeping your CPL as low as possible while continuing to acquire new, top-quality B2B contacts for your sales team.

High Quality Leads

High-quality leads refer to leads with a high potential to convert into paying customers. The higher the quality of your B2B sales data is, the higher are the chances of your clients becoming your paying customers.


Why do businesses come to us for B2B Sales Data?

Because it’s tough to get top quality and verified B2B sales data and most businesses don’t have the time or resources to build up a system themselves. It takes years of hard work and many thousands of dollars spent on testing before we can successfully generate good quality sales-ready data at a price that is within reach of most businesses.

Try our B2B Sales data at affordable rates or reach out to us for a detailed and customized sample file.


What is included in a B2B sales lead?

Each B2B sales lead contains 30 fields in total. However, you can customize the list as per your requirement. Some of the fields are Company Name, Contact First Name, Contact Last Name, Job Title, Business Address, City, State/Province, Postal Code, Country, Email Address, Phone Number, and Fax Number. (All fields are subject to availability)

Are these leads exclusive?

Yes, these leads are exclusive. When you get a lead from us, it is yours and no one else’s. That means we will never sell the same business record to two different people. If multiple members purchase a lead, only the first person will get it

How do you provide Data?

We collect information about people/companies who are ready to make a purchase. We collect their contact details, such as email address, phone number and other details. This gathered information is then passed on to the concerned businesses or companies, who can follow up with the customers and convert them into their potential clients. 

What makes LeadsProspex leads different?

LeadsProspex is a data-providing company. What does that mean? 

It means that we provide a wide range of data and services for businesses interested in expanding their customer base. Simply put, we hunt down information about people/companies who might be interested in your product or services and we bring them to you.

Who can use B2B sales databases?

B2B sales databases are used by businesses across all industries. They are particularly beneficial for companies who sell products or services to other businesses and who therefore need access to high-quality business contact data. 

What are B2B Sales?

B2B sales or business-to-business sales is simply when a salesperson or company directly sells their products or services to other businesses. 

Depending on one’s business, B2B sales are divided into 3 types:

  1. Supply sales – The supplier sells products that support another business. This can include office supplies, workwear, or equipment. In B2B, however, for instance, instead of one person buying a single pen for himself, he will buy 50 pens as per the entire company’s requirement and then gets it approved by either a manager or a decision-maker for the purchase. 

2. Wholesale/distribution sales – The wholesaler sells manufacturing or retail products to other businesses. 

Woolco Foods is one example of a premier food distributor, who is a leading broad line provider for restaurants, hotels, bakeries, caterers, and institutions in the area.

3. Service/Software sales – Service providers sell service as their product. Using CRM software, for example, it could work for a small business, or with larger businesses. They could also be a service provided via software — like us.

Is your data accurate?

We verify our scrapped data via automated processes as well as by deploying manual web crawlers which are purely based on human logic, letting us maintain a healthy accuracy rate of over 98%. We scrape information from the most reliable source. The data we work on is coming from a source that has been used for years and we’ve never had any issues.

How often is B2B data updated?

B2B data must be updated frequently to remain relevant. The frequency of updates depends on the source and the quality of the supplier. Sales databases can be updated daily, weekly or monthly; however, updates should occur at least once every quarter. We update our data every month so that you can rest assured that the data you purchase is not more than a month old.


If you’re in the business of selling to other businesses, then you know how important it is to have a solid understanding of where your prospects are in the sales cycle. The better you understand where they are in the process, and what they need, the easier it is for you to position yourself as a trusted resource and guide them toward making a purchase.

One of the best ways to get a clearer understanding of your prospects is through the use of B2B sales data.



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