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We, at Leadsprospex, provide a perfect solution for all your email address validation problems at a very affordable price. 

We use powerful software that validates all the email addresses from your data sets in no time. We also extract a list of email addresses with usernames from various web pages which you can use for your next sales campaign. 




Your email address list is your most valuable sales asset. If you do not take proper care of it, you will lose the advantage that email gives you over other channels. It enables you to contact your customers whenever you have a message to send instead of hoping they would find you in a search or on their social media feeds. An email list consists of email addresses, full name, location, etc, which is created by collecting data from website visitors, customers, event attendees, and so on.


Email address validation is a swift automated process to determine if the email address is valid and deliverable. It validates both the username as well as its domain. It verifies and provides an email list consisting of the accuracy and quality of an email address. It separates and discards out addresses that are spam or unsafe to deliver. This helps you in organizing your email list. Email is still one of the most preferred platforms you use to connect with new or existing leads when it comes to successful brand marketing, promotions, offers, etc. It is very important to double-check that your list of email addresses is valid, error-free and if in fact, they really exist. Hence, having a valid email address is a must for you to ensure your sales and marketing teams reach the right people at the right time.



If you are selling to companies, you need an email address for each one. But how much can you trust these addresses? If you send your prospect something at an address that gets forwarded to their real account or that goes to the wrong person you might not get what you’re looking for.

Validating an email address is the surest way of knowing that the email address is correct and exists. This will ensure that your messages reach your prospects in a timely fashion, thus increasing your chances of winning business from them.

Email address validation is something that every business owner should pay attention to. Email marketing is a hugely popular tool for internet marketers, and this is because it works. However, in order for it to work well, you have to have a valid email address, and these are not always easy to come by.

Email is still one of the most preferred platforms you use to connect with new or existing leads when it comes to successful sales, brand marketing, promotions, offers, etc.

There are multiple reasons why email addresses should be verified from time to time.  If the email addresses are invalid then there is no point in sending emails to those addresses and most of the time and energy of the sales team would be wasted in such invalid email addresses. There might be many reasons why that can actually cause an email change or an invalid email address.

Every business needs to validate their email lists before carrying out any sales campaign. Having a validated list of emails helps in various ways. Below are a few examples:

  • Email address validation improves email deliverability rate.
  • It helps in maintaining a high sender score. 
  • Email address validation also helps in increasing ROI. 
  • It also maximizes the efficiency of your sales campaign which in turn increases the conversion rate.


We have software that validates email addresses and discards all invalid email addresses, decreasing your email bounce back rate, which helps clean your subscriber list and ultimately improves your sender reputation.

  • This software checks for email address format then make sure that the domain name is valid. 
  • It also checks whether it’s a disposable email address or not.
  • In the final step of the process, it extracts the MX records from the domain records and connects to the email server (over SMTP and also simulates sending a message) to ensure the mailbox really exists for that user/address. 
  • Some of the mail servers do not comply with this process, in such cases, the result of this email verification tool may not be as accurate as expected.

Another way to explain how the process works is by checking if the syntax of the email address is valid. Examples of invalid syntax are:

Username[at]domain[dot][dot]com – Incorrect syntax because of the two dots.

Username[at]domain[dot] – Top-level domain is missing, e.g. (.com) or (.org).

Username [at]domain[dot]com –  Extra space between username and [dot].

Usernamedomain[dot]com – “@” sign is missing.

Username[at]domaincom – “Dot” missing between domain and extension -com.





Reliable Email List Data

Your sales team won’t be able to make the most of it if your mailing list is not accurate. Top-quality data is essential for all types of digital marketing and sales campaigns. The mailing list itself will let you know about the quality of the data. If the quality of the email list is high, you’ll know you’re along the right lines. If your email addresses are not verified, your campaign will not reach its desired results. You can avoid this from happening by providing your team with a validated list of addresses in the first place. Ultimately, the sales team’s efforts will be fruitful if you provide the sales team with a verified list.

Increase Your ROI

One of the many benefits of email validation is that it reduces the chances of email bounces which helps increase ROI. Validated email addresses will help you connect with your target audience and improve conversion rates which in return will improve your ROI. If you think of it this way, each email you send costs your company money. That is why even a single bounce can negatively impact your campaign ROI. Email bounces mean wasted money spent on email marketing.

Resolve Email Bounces

Emails are bounced back (or undelivered) because the email was sent to an address that no longer exists. Your reputation as a send suffers when there are too many bounces and it affects your sales campaign as well. A good 90% of the email bounce rate can be reduced with email validation. Our email validation tool conducts a real-time check to ensure the email addresses in the database are active. It also determines if you are a trusted sender or spammer. Hence, by increasing your email deliverability, you also improve your sender score.

Increase your Sender Score

Today, hard bounces are a nightmare for the sales team in the email world. It even lowers your Sender Score and can also lead to getting you blacklisted. When you send emails, over time,  you build a reputation among the email and internet service providers. The term for this reputation is called sender reputation or sender score and it is based on different factors. This factor includes the number of email bounces and how many times recipients mark your email as spam. 

Boost Conversion Rates

  1. Validating your email list shortens your list but it definitely increases your conversion rates. Emailing a list of clients who are actively using their email addresses aids you in having a better open rate and CTR (click-through rate). Email is the king of all marketing strategies when it comes to conversion. That is why email has the highest ROI compared to any other channel.

Improve Inbox Deliverability

Your sales campaign is pointless if your emails do not reach the inbox of your customers. Inbox deliverability is directly connected to your Sender Score, a system to identify whether you are a trusted sender or a spammer. When you conduct email validation, it reduces the size of your email list but increases the engagement rate. When emails are sent to active users, you get a better email open rate and also a better email click through rate.

Eliminate High-Risk Email Accounts

You can eliminate risky email accounts which were typically involved in known litigators in the email space, and email accounts linked to frauds or chargebacks. With email address validation, you can make sure that you are not sending an email to such risky email accounts.

Accurate Campaign Insights

Once your mailing list is cleansed, the only email address left will be real and deliverable. The recipients’ actions will be more reliable for analysis when you run your email campaign. When you send emails to real email addresses, every response from the recipients appears genuine.

Saves Money

Storing email addresses and sending emails require money. When you conduct a proper email validation of email addresses, all the invalid and unnecessary emails are removed from your list, reducing the size of your database. This means sending emails to fewer people which will save you a lot of time and money. 



After knowing the importance of email validation and the benefits of email validation, you might wonder what to consider before choosing us:

At LeadsProspex, we are committed to providing the best possible email validation solution in the market. We take this commitment seriously and will continue to strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Our software has been used to clean, validate and verify over 8 billion emails. We have a 98+% success rate on all email data we process, meaning your data will be as clean and accurate as it can be!

We understand that email is a critical part of your business and that it is essential that you have accurate data in your database. Our team of experts is on hand if you need any assistance with your account.

Don’t trust just anyone with your email data. Allow us to clean, correct and verify your email database with our comprehensive range of email address validation services.



Maintaining your email lists up-to-date is necessary for having successful email campaigns. If you have a bunch of email subscribers on your newsletter list that haven’t been opening your emails, then your email open rate is going to get low, which will skew your results.

You can keep your lists updated by using these tactics:

Retain Old Connections

  • Stay in touch and encourage their interaction.
  • Provide good customer service.
  • Reward promoters and loyal customers.


  • Geographical location, age, gender, etc.
  • Discounts, event details, newsletters
  • Purchase history

Track Your Sent Email

  • The no. of emails got delivered. 
  • The no. of clicks on the email links.
  • The customer in any way interacted with your email.


How do I receive my file?

All our files are sent in “.CSV” format. It is an Excel file that is saved as “Windows Comma Separated Values (CSV)”. You can directly punch this file into your CRM and start your email campaign right away. 

Why should I validate my email list?

You would not be alone in wondering why you should pay to validate your email list. After all, you have worked hard to build that list up so you can market to it. And yet the cost of sending emails to non-existent or undeliverable addresses can be quite high, costing you more than just money if your sender reputation is negatively impacted.

Do you identify spam traps?

Spam traps are designed in such a way that they look exactly like a regular email address so it is less likely to identify all of them. LeadsProspex can identify spam traps to an extent, but email validation should be used alongside best practices for email list maintenance.  The only way to ensure that you do not mail to spam traps is to use 100% opt-in data.  If you did not start with opt-in data and are concerned about mailing spam traps, we recommend sending a re-activation or re-engagement campaign. 

How do you validate emails?

Our service recognizes if or not an email address is valid and deliverable, enabling you to remove harmful email addresses before you mail them. We validate each component of every email address, including the syntax, validity of the domain, and the existence of the username.  



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