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Connecting with customers is your responsibility but making sure your contact data is as accurate as possible is our top priority.

Whether you communicate with your customers via email or over the phone, our data validation services will help you improve your contact data quality and ensure each message you send is received. By outsourcing data validation services, you can easily clean up your existing contact lists and verify new contacts in real-time. 

Storing accurate data in a single view is important for reaching your clients and minimizing wasted resources due to invalid data. We help maintain your accuracy record and reduce the errors and additional costs associated with bad customer data.

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Validate Your Data and Make The Best Data-Driven Decisions

Use our services to maintain a high-quality database that’s precise and error-free.

Save Time and Money

Use our data validation services to reduce the cost of manually cleansing for errors and inaccuracies within your data.

Create Superior Customer Experience

Personalize and improve customer experiences by extending your customers with the right solutions and offerings at the right time.

Improve Business Processes

Poor data quality can lead to failed targeting, lost sales opportunities, and wasted time. Use our data validation services to ensure that you’re getting the right information every time. 


We offer accurate and cost-effective industry-optimized data validation services to streamline your business processes.

Outsource Data Validation Services

Our expert team can enhance your data quality by removing any duplicate, obsolete, or incorrect information stored in your database, which in turn, improves your ROI.

Geo-Location Address Verification Services

With our geographical address verification services, you can make sure that your email reaches its recipients. We work in obedience to the local postal standards.

Email Address validation Services

Our experts make sure that your emails will land in your prospects’ inboxes. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting blacklisted by ISPs due to hard-bounces.

Phone Verification Services

Boost your sales and marketing campaigns with our phone verification services. We ensure you connect with the right prospects every time.


OCR Data Validation Services

We have our expertise in handling optical character recognition data verification. Our experts equip you with precise data to make actionable business decisions.

CRM Data Validation

We apply very specific data validation logic, one that goes with your user profile to filter through your CRM and remove all inaccuracies.

Lead List Validation

We help and support your B2B list-building ventures with in-depth quality checks. Every account and entry is verified twice to ensure absolute accuracy.

B2B Contact Data Validation

Every email address, phone number, and mailing address is checked by our specialists. We check the authority & correctness for them and match them with your target base.

Social Profile Verification

We have strict verification checks in place for validating the social media profiles of your prospects. With our expert team, you can easily generate sales-qualified business leads.

B2B Company Data Validation

When you target company accounts, it is essential to get accurate contacts for the decision-makers. We validate every company’s data in your database to guarantee the same.

URL Validation

URLs can go out of date, inactive, or obsolete. Having such links in your database can cut into your marketing endeavors. We assure you to fix that by manually checking & updating all URLs.

Existing Database Enhancement

Our data validation professionals scrutinize your existing datasets to identify errors and other inconsistencies and remove them, resulting in a completely accurate dataset.


Using our data validation services leaves you with many advantages that you can make use of, such as:

Affordable Price

Our data validation services are extremely economical, providing you with substantial value for money.

Proficient Team

Our data validation experts have 13 years of experience in providing a wide range of data validation services.

Excellent Turnaround

We always deliver our data validation services well within the stipulated deadline.

Data Security

We are ISO certified and comply with all the international data security and privacy laws.

Systematic Process

We make use of a proven, efficient, and process-driven methodology to perform our data validation and verification procedures.

Splendid Infrastructure

We provide our employees with world-class office space equipped with high-quality infrastructure.

High-Quality Services

We incorporate all the latest data validation procedures to provide extremely high-quality data validation services.

Tools and Techniques

Our team uses the latest and the best data validation tools, techniques, and software to provide cutting-edge data validation.


What is Data Validation?

Data validation is the process of checking the accuracy and quality of source data before using, importing or otherwise processing data. Different types of validation and verification can be performed depending on the destination constraints or objectives. Data validation is a kind of data cleansing.

When is Data Validation Performed?

Data validation is often performed prior to the ETL (Extraction Translation Load) process in data warehousing. A data validation test is performed so that analysts can get insight into the scope of data conflicts.

Why to Perform Data Validation?

It is important to ensure that data from different sources and repositories conforms to business rules and does not become corrupted due to inconsistencies in type or context. The goal is to create data that is accurate, consistent, and complete so as to prevent data loss and errors during a move.


There are many kinds of data validation. Most data validation processes will perform one or more of these checks to ensure that the data is correct before storing it in the database. Below are some common types of data validation checks:

Format Check

Many data types follow a certain preset format. A common example is the date columns that are stored in a fixed format like “DD-MM-YYYY” or “YYYY-MM-DD”. A data validation process that ensures dates are in the proper format helps maintain consistency across data and through time.

Code Check

A code check makes certain that a field is selected from a valid list of values or follows certain formatting rules. For example, it is simpler to verify that a postal code is valid by checking it against a list of valid codes. The same idea can be applied to other items such as country codes and NAICS industry codes.

Range Check

A range check will validate whether the input data falls under a predefined range or not. For example, latitude and longitude are customarily used in geographic data. A latitude value must be between -90 and 90, while a longitude value should be between -180 and 180. Any values out of this range will be invalid.

Data Type Check

A data type check confirms that the data entered has the true data type. For example, a field may accept only numerical data. In such a case, any data containing other characters such as letters or special symbols would be rejected by the system.

Consistency Check

A consistency check is a kind of logical check that verifies that the data’s been entered in a logical and consistent way. An example would be checking if the delivery date is after the shipping date for a parcel.

Uniqueness Check

Some data like e-mail addresses or IDs are unique by nature. A database must have unique entries on these fields. A uniqueness check makes certain that an item is not entered multiple times into a database.


To avoid playing a cat and mouse game, data validation outsourcing can reduce your time, cleaning bad data. This occupies the efforts and resources of data analysts and hence businesses lose valuable revenue over it. 

Data validation services enable analysts to test their data to reduce the amount of bad data in their database. To ensure that the highest quality is being produced,  we use advanced tools and measures followed by a rigorous data verification process.


Data validation is difficult to execute because data teams and engineers mostly rely on reactive data validation techniques causing validation to become a mental image. Hence, engineers and analysts react to issues created by the data rather than taking a proactive attitude towards catching the issues before they reach the end-users. Even though this is better than nothing, data teams are still unable to take advantage of data validation’s benefits.

Taking a proactive attitude towards data validation will help businesses to deliver useful data that can be understood throughout the organization. When applied congruously, proactive data validation techniques, such as schematization, type safety, and unit testing, ensure that data is accurate and complete. These techniques help engineers to crack down on the problems that caused the bad data in the first place. Inaccurate or insufficient data that took days or even weeks to discover can now be avoided easily if taken a proactive data validation approach.


What kind of industries and clients have you worked with before?

Being experienced in data verification services, we have worked with a wide network of B2B and B2C clients across the globe in different industries and verticals such as retail, insurance, healthcare, automobile, and banking validating their huge pile of data.

How secure is my data?

Maintaining the integrity of the data is our top priority. We follow strict data security protocols and our practices are according to the set industry standards. We allow only authorized and trusted employees to access your sensitive data. We can also manage your cross-border data compliance issues.

What quality assurance process do you follow?

We have a dedicated QA team for each project to check the quality of the work. A committed project manager is also assigned to look after the execution of the process and ensure that it is done flawlessly. Every data is manually examined, be it verifying email addresses, addresses, or phone numbers and we guarantee up to 99.99% accuracy. Also, the completed project is again put through a thorough quality check before delivering it to the client.

What turnaround time do you offer?

You decide the turnaround time and we deliver it within the given time. We offer excellent turnaround time in the industry without compromising on the quality of the work. Having the right blend of skills and experience allows us to complete bulk-data validation projects and multiple-source data validation under stipulated time and budget.


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