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Every Sales Manager understands how essential it is to have a tailored Web Data Mining solution (and not one thing fits it all like those offered by big data companies who sell pre-scrapped leads). Businesses invest a significant amount of money on customer Persona Development and Email List Building.

Through LeadsProspex, you can now demand data according to your sales requirements, and we will build your lists accordingly (We do web data mining manually to ensure CAN-SPAM regulations are met). Our expert team possesses prowess in CRM Cleaning, admin tasks, and Data Lists Generation, but our customized On-Demand Web Data Mining stands us out. The power of knowing your customers helps your sales team generate more business that is profitable and lasting.


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Web Data mining services are a process that guarantees cleansing and hygiene of the data your business is flourishing on. Web Data mining is compiling or extracting data from online sources.

As per George Labovitz and Yu Sang Chang’s 1:10:100 rule, it will cost only $1 if businesses embrace data mining services proactively. Once the data is fed to their system and mixed with the processes, it might cost them $10, and if they choose to do nothing, it may result in losses worth $100.

For this reason, you would like to be on the right side of data and base your insights on standardized and verified information. Take the racket and guesswork out of generating B2B leads and cut the clutter with proven data mining services!

Embrace Web Data Mining Services:

Increased ROI

Operations optimization

Increased Customer Acquisition Rate

Outlier Analysis

Quick fraud detection

Accurate prediction of campaigns outcomes



Web Data mining is a process of identifying patterns in large datasets involving methods at the intersection of artificial intelligence machine learning statistics and database systems. The main purpose of the web data mining process is to extract information from a data set and transform it into an understandable structure for further use. Web Data Mining can be applied to any place where historical data is available.

Try us once, we are web data mining experts and we can mine tons of useful information from any account or website.

We can mine your data for you. Don’t know where to start or don’t have time? We can do that too.

Do you want to know what people think about your product or business? Web Data Mining is a quick and easy way to find out. 

Web Data Mining is well known as a tedious process. We changed this forever by using AI to do the boring part for you. Allowing you to focus on the data insights.



Web Data Mining services can have so many benefits when it comes to the area of businesses, governments as well as individuals. Web Data mining has many benefits, as explained below:


To create models, marketing/sales companies use web data mining. This is based on history to forecast who will respond to new marketing or sales campaigns such as direct mail, online marketing, etc. This means that marketers can sell profitable products and services to targeted audiences.


Since web data mining provides financial institutions information on loans and credit reports, data can determine good or bad credits by creating a model for historical customers. It also helps banks detect fraudulent transactions by credit cards that protect a credit card owner and the bank.


Data extraction can motivate researchers to accelerate while the technique analyzes the data. Consequently, they can work greater time on different projects. shopping behaviors may be noted. regularly, you can experience new troubles at the same time as designing particular buying patterns.

Increases Brand Loyalty

Mining techniques are used in sales campaigns. This is to perceive their own customer’s needs and habits. And from that, customers also get to choose their brand’s clothes. Ergo, you can be self-reliant with the help of this technique. Although, it provides possible information when it comes to decisions.

Increases Revenue

Such is the power of mining customer data. We can mine everything from a customer’s age and gender to credit scores and buying history. By carefully mining this information, it can help identify patterns in customer behavior that can increase sales and reduce customer turnover.

Determining Customer Groups

We are using web data mining to respond from sales campaigns to customers. It also furnishes information during the identification of customer groups. Surveys can help to begin these new customer groups and are one of the forms of web data mining.

Increases Website Optimization

We use web data mining to locate all forms of unseen detail records. And adding web data mining lets you optimize your website. Similarly, this web data mining provides statistics which could use the technology of data mining.

Predict Future Trends

All statistics elements are a part of the running nature of the system. The web data mining structures can also be obtained from those. They assist you to predict future trends, and with the help of this technology, this is entirely feasible, and people additionally undertake behavioral changes.


There are approximate as many techniques for web data mining as there are data miners. The approach relies upon the form of questions being asked and the contents and organization of the database or datasets presenting the raw material for the search and analysis. That stated, there are a few organizational and preparatory steps that should be finished to prepare the data, the tools, and the users:

1. Apprehend the problem – or at least the area of inquiry. The decision-maker, who is in the driver’s seat for this web data mining off-road adventure, needs a general knowledge of the domain they will be working in, the types of external and internal data that are to be a part of this exploration. 

2. Data gathering – Begin with your internal systems and databases. Link them through their data models and numerous relational tools or accumulate the data together into a data warehouse.

3. Data preparation and understanding – Use your organization’s subject matter experts to help define, categorize, and organize the data. Sometimes, this part of the process is called data wrangling or munging.

4. User training – We ensure to provide proper training to all our new data miners as well as supervised practices as they start to get familiar with these powerful tools. Continued education is also provided once they have mastered the basics so that they can move on to more advanced techniques.


After going through our webpage of Web Data mining, you might wonder what to consider before choosing us. So let us help you with that:

At LeadsProspex, we are committed to providing the best possible services in the market when it comes to Web Data Mining. We take this commitment seriously and will continue to strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

We understand that data is the most critical part of your business and that it is essential that your data is properly managed. 


Which areas can use applications of web data mining?

Web Data Mining applications can be used in any sector and businesses can highly benefit from it. May it be Healthcare, Finance, Intelligence, Telecommunication, Energy, Retail, E-commerce, or Supermarkets.

What is Data Purging?

The term purging can be defined as removed or erased. In the context of web data mining, data purging is the process of removing unnecessary data from the database permanently and cleaning the data to maintain its quality and integrity.

What is a machine-learning based-approach when it comes to web data mining?

Machine learning put-simply is utilized in web data mining since it covers automatic programmed processing systems, and it depends on logical or binary tasks.

What are types of web data mining?

Below are the different types of web data mining: 

  1. Data cleaning
  2. Integration
  3. Selection
  4. Data transformation
  5. Knowledge representation
  6. Pattern evaluation

And the last one is of course Web Data mining.



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