Jobs data scans billions of online job postings in real-time across employer and staffing agency sites. Our Jobs data services are proficient and we provide real-time information on job postings from LinkedIn and Indeed, which are used for sales outreach, huge data analytics, or competition hiring trends analysis.

In our Jobs data services, we will provide information such as the date of job post, company name, job title, website, industry, salary range, job type, city, state, zip.

You can search using the parameters such as keywords, jobs titles, niches, locations, and more to get clean, structured, and fresh jobs data.

jobs data

Live LinkedIn and Indeed Jobs Data

We are one of the biggest and most far-reaching data solutions providers across the internet. We provide LIVE LinkedIn and Indeed monthly jobs data services.

We offer the largest jobs database for Lead generation, labor market analytics, skills demand data, and Outplacement.

1 Week LIVE trial of LinkedIn and Indeed Jobs Data

Kindly provide us with three cities names and we will send you 1- week’s sample data at no cost. References can be provided upon request.

LinkedIn Data

Jobs data automatically searches the LinkedIn Data for new job ads posted every day. The jobs found are then automatically entered into our Jobs data according to its criteria. Our user-friendly Jobs data portal makes it simple to search for all jobs, create analyses, identify sales leads and set up job alerts.

Indeed Data

On the basis of predefined fields and filter criteria, you will receive a Jobs data file every day or every week that you can import into your own data storehouse. This gives you comprehensible and complete information on Jobs that are of relevance to you, including the name and address of the company offering the job openings. 


Recruitment Firms

Transform millions of job postings into your business development splashboard. Staffing and recruiting agencies will need to swivel their strategies to find organizations that are still hiring, and then serve them what they want.

Lead Generation

Our jobs data services will help you create and enhance your demand generation program and bring you qualified leads. We use our years of expertise and proven methodologies to deliver accurate and verified data that will increase your sales revenue  and grow your business.

Job Boards

We can help you find the right people. Jobs data services are a great way to convert leads for your business. Whether you’re hiring for an entry-level position or looking for a new Chief Executive Officer, we can help you get the exposure you need from our diverse audience of active and passive job seekers.

Research & Analytics Firms

Research & Analytics Firms are the ones that can take the maximum advantage of this. They will be able to continuously keep track of their target audience and hence come up with better decisions for their clients. The data scientists can spend more time thinking about how to improve business strategies based on the research findings.

AI Based Job Software

It is our constant endeavor to provide the most accurate and up-to-date data. Our Jobs data set includes job titles, descriptions, locations, company names, industry types, salary information, and more. With our jobs data feed, AI-based jobs matching software can dynamically match candidates to the most relevant opportunities.

Corporate Outplacement

Swiftly and effortlessly match your outgoing employees in real-time open vacancies. In today’s ever-growing labor market, employees can often find themselves redundant due to tactical shifts, market downslide, or organizational changes that can leave even the most talented and skilled employees without employment.


Data sample is attached here for ref. (you’d get these same fields if you choose to work with us).


Leadsprospex runs on AutoExtract and PromptCloud’s proprietary machine learning technique for AI-based web data extraction. 

Our crawlers run on a daily basis to ensure you always get access to fresh data.




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