Segmenting your audience is a vital step in any email marketing strategy – it lets you build relationships through email that feel more like a conversation than spam. It’s super important to ask customers for the right information from the start so you can tailor your brand experience from the get-go. 


The more you collect relevant and quality data at the beginning of your customer journey, the easier it is to send targeted, impactful email campaigns later. 


Utilizing strategic customer data will help you develop targeted content and send personalized, data-driven email campaigns based on customer behaviour. It has been proven to boost open rates by 203%.


Digital Data and Revitalization of Market Segmentation


Running a successful business is all about creating solid strategies and taking calculated steps to have more and more prospects purchase your products and stay loyal to your brand. For doing this, you have to consistently understand the changing facts and market trends and feel the pulse of your customers.


Data segmentation is the best practice for actually driving marketing and reaching out to the targeted audience. However, you won’t be able to accomplish any of these goals without reliable data.


If successfully running a business is all about implementing solid market segmentation; segmentation is all about using data to develop effective business plans and marketing strategies for the delivery of products/services.


Since customers have varying needs, preferences, desires, and priorities, tracking every prospect to address their expectations are impossible. Businesses must utilize their B2B data to get marketing insights and offer compelling services/products or solutions to the targeted audience based on their common attributes. 


Segmented data will give your team clear, actionable information that can be used in your sales and marketing.



Data Segmentation According to The Categories


Data Segmentation


Prospective Customers Vs. Current Customers


This is a crucial segmentation. Make sure you avoid sending prospects the same email you sent to your existing customer. It’s a really bad move, and the customer won’t trust that they are unique in your eyes.


Behavioral Data


Email open and click-through rates, and latest or last visit, all of this information can help you target who is more responsive and interested in your product/service. The email subscribers who frequently open your emails can be used to send more frequent emails.


Demographics (ZIP/postal code, gender, age, occupation) 


For example, if your subscriber lives in New Zealand, why would you send her a special deal about flights between Alaska and Texas? Or, if your email subscriber is a 25-year-old woman, then why would you send her emails on “Fashions for Mature Women”? 

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Did you get the idea? Consider demographics, and your emails will give your subscriber the impression that you are listening (which you are actually) and help achieve the outcomes you want to get.


Inactive Subscribers


Any subscriber who has not yet opened or clicked your email over an extended period can be considered “inactive.” Instead of writing them off as a lost cause, keep them into separate groups and email them targeted reactivation campaigns.


Recent Subscribers


They can be 3 to 6 months old, or they could be since the last email campaign you sent a month ago. Either way, the “newbies” need to be separated and paid special attention. Don’t rush to finish the “courting period.” 


You could offer attractive deals or discounts on your products or services that your customers can’t ignore. Hence, giving them the feeling that you haven’t just “loved them and left them.”


Purchasing Habits


Another proven way to segment data is by identifying which of your product your customers are frequently purchasing, how much they are spending, and from which store they bought it. Your next email might read, “This week, 25% discount on all clothing/baby goods/garden equipment over $50 at our Portland branch.”


Major Clients


Someone who spends more than $1,000 at a given time, while others spend less than $100, should be on your radar. Offer free shipping, platinum status, or gifts with their next purchase—or choose anything that makes your customers believe that you appreciate their loyalty, which you do, of course.


Preference Surveys /Interest-Based Preferences


Don’t be afraid to ask for information you don’t have, such as a customer’s new interest and updated email address. Show your customers that it will help you send them more personalized emails, and don’t forget to mention that you will always maintain their privacy at all costs.


Once you have segmented your lists, it’s essential to keep the categories up to date. And, who can do this in a better way than Leadsprospex? We have a team of experts who can help you mine and segment high-quality, accurate data and deliver it daily, weekly, or monthly as per your requirement. 



Benefits of Segmenting lists and data


Creating well-defined data segments has numerous benefits for the entire business.


Let’s take a look at why your company should pay close attention to your data segmentation practices.


Lead Generation


Your sales and marketing teams utilize data every day to help them decide on who to contact and how to target them.


Your sales team can utilize their time more productively by knowing your ideal customers, what they care about, and which communication channel they are most comfortable with.


You can further use your findings to score leads and prioritize well-qualified accounts in your pipeline.


Develops Consumer Insights


Know thy customers” has always been an oft-quoted trick in marketing. Today, your valuable customers are just a click away and expect you to pat them on their backs frequently.


With clearly defined segmentation and contact profiling, you can know your customers, where they are, and what they need better.


Improve Cold Outreach Success Rate


Data segmentation can assist your team in identifying accounts that fit your SQL criteria before even reaching out to them.


This will be especially easy if you use a B2B data supplier like Leadsprospex to generate leads.


Your sales team can save a ton of time by knowing technographic and firmographic details about an organization and who the key decision-makers are.


Your cold email campaign will succeed only if you have proper targeting and messaging improvements. And, for that, you need more learning.


Enhances Reliable Assessment


Segmenting a huge market audience into small chunks makes customer service and marketing efforts more effortless. It makes it easier for you to measure the success rate of the segment-specific strategies, policies, and projects.


The growing demand for multi-platform real-time data has helped businesses study and assess their market penetration and performance, reorient their marketing policies, or re-segment the targeted customers.


Improves Customer Engagement & Brand Loyalty


Customer engagement is one of the essential strategies to identify and, sometimes, even influence the customers’ requirements and interests. Customer behavior data collected from the mass media, social network sites, discussion platforms, and purchasing history helps businesses develop a psychographic segmentation of the customers and build target marketing and ad campaigns to address their specific needs.


Engaging customers with communications and encouraging offers have proved to be the most effective way to increase brand loyalty and customer retention in the age of E-business.


Grows Niches Marketing Capabilities


Customer data plays a mission-critical role in exploring the market’s hidden dynamics and developing deeper insights and marketing techniques. Utilizing the customer data to segment the market systematically can help your business tap into the untouched potential, niche markets where you can generate leads and dominate with rapid customer conversion rate and enjoy the market expansion.

The “bowling pin” tactic applied in niche marketing has already helped many online businesses to grow rapidly. Amazon is the perfect example of this.


Optimizes Cost-efficiency & Resource Management


Market segmentation is essential for developing business intelligence and gaining a competitive edge. It offers deeper market insights, helps business firms identify customer segments with greater ROIs, and lets them plan more targeted micromarketing.


All giant organizations use their quality data to implement precisely defined market segmentation for their marketing and service delivery.


Keeps Focused & Goal-oriented


The whole purpose of market and data segmentation is to know your customers in a better way and to cater to their needs effectively. Quality data provides extremely precise and 100% accurate customer insights and helps you stay focused and targeted.



Leadsprospex’s Involvement in Market Segmentation


Leadsprospex has been working with its global customers in developing their data segmentation list and strategies by aggregating, cleansing, and standardizing the high-quality B2B data they require. 


We have been working in the areas of mining and verifying geo-demographic, geo-spatial data (state, city size, ZIP, rural, and urban), and the geography-specific fields that are highly crucial for determining geographic and neighborhood segments and for making informed business decisions.

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Based on our experience at Leadsprospex, the importance of market segmentation and quality data are ever-growing, mainly because of the growth of digital data and the major advancement of tools and technologies to tap into real-time data.


Further, we can mine approx. 12k-15k records with a 100% match rate from any country and provide you with well-segmented data to boost your marketing ROI. We deliver this dataset on a daily/weekly/monthly basis in the form of CSV files,.xls and .json or the format specified by the client. This data feed is sourced manually by our data stewards from various sources. 


Don’t forget to get a free sample for a week’s data to understand the records and check data quality. 


Learn more about Leadsprospex’s data solutions that can help you boost your marketing ROI by 400%.


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