Your email list verifier will ensure that you have an authentic list of emails to target your email marketing campaigns, thus eliminating the chances of failed lead generation efforts.


Numerous aspects underwent massive changes from the late 20th to the early 21st century. One important aspect during this time was the technological developments and the effect of globalization on the advancements made by humans. Businesses happened to be one important arena that reaped the benefits of globalization the most compared to the other aspects. Now the businesses are no more constrained by geographical locations and can extend their reach across numerous locational boundaries than they used to. Here came the aspect of lead generation into play.


Businesses have to generate high-quality leads to target the right people and woo them into purchasing their goods and services. However, b2b lead generation does not sound as easy as it sounds. Most companies end up wasting their resources and finances by targeting the wrong people and fake ids. one such method of b2b lead generation is email marketing by creating an email list for marketing. This list consists of emails of all the prospective customers whom your company can target to generate loyal customers. Often such a created list consists of fake and spam email Ids, where you end up sending emails and wasting your time and efforts.


Here comes the relevance of the email list verifier. The work of an email list verifier is to indulge in bulk email verification to ensure that the list of emails you wish to target does not have any spam or fraud emails in it. Such a verification process will ensure that your efforts in email marketing do not go to waste as you are targeting all the authentic emails that might respond to customers.


Functions Of Email List Verifier


Email list verifier conducts a few functions to ensure that you have a valid list of emails. You can term the functions of an email list verifier as its advantages that will help you understand why you should opt for such services to propel the chances of your business.


Validation Of Domain And SMTP


Here your email list verifier will go through your email list for marketing and check their ISP addresses. Once they check the ISP addresses of emails, they will find the invalid ones. Now, they will remove all such emails with discrepancies such as inactive, invalid, parked domains, and the accounts that are no longer valid. They will mark any email as invalid if it has an unidentified MX entry.


Checking For Spam Traps


You know very well that many spam emails are revolving around the internet to fraud people and waste their valuable time. The email list verifier will eliminate any such spam traps and spam emails from your list so that you do not waste your resources in the wrong place and build a bad reputation out of it.



Cleaning The Disposable Emails


Your email list verifier takes up the responsibility of cleaning all the junk from your email list for marketing so that your mobility does not get affected. The junk here refers to all those disposable emails that occupy unwanted space and hinder your efforts towards better email marketing for b2b lead generation.


Checking For Catch-all Domains


Here your email list verifier indulges in finding out all those domains that give back validity for all the emails. Such domains make it difficult to track the fake email ids, thus creating unwanted frictions in your b2b lead generation process. When you successfully skip such domains, the open rates will automatically increase.


Validating And Removing Syntax Errors


Your email list verifier also consists of a separate checker that checks for all syntax errors. The primary objective of syntax error checkers is to detect and remove all those email ids that have an invalid syntax. The email list verifier will work towards notifying all the visitors of your website in real-time with the application of API.


Checking For Hard Bounce


This is a very tactical strategy adopted by email list verifiers to detect the existence of an email id. Here the email list verifier sends verification messages to a particular email id that is undetectable. If they can successfully send the messages, you will be sure that the concerned email id is real, with the ability to send or receive messages.


Validating MTA


This particular activity that the email list verifier undertakes is to find out whether there is a particular email server for the sole purpose of accepting messages. Your email list verifier will conduct advanced checks on your email list for marketing to ensure the validation of MX servers.


Removing The Duplicate Emails


Your email list verifier will ensure the removal of all the duplicate email ids from your email list for marketing. This will ensure that you do not waste your marketing and email campaigns efforts by sending them to duplicate emails.


Example Of Email List Verifier


Following is the example of one prominent email list verifier that does the above procedure in detail:


Wahleads Email finder


Wahleads are one the best email list verifiers that indulge in bulk email verification tools. Numerous top business professionals trust this email list verifier without a second thought. When you use wahleads, it automatically starts the process of finding emails and propels your goal of b2b lead generation via the creation of a list of prospective emails within a matter of a few minutes. You just need to move to the search bar of wahleads, following which you have to install wahleads free chrome plug-in. There you have to type the name of the company or prospect and opt for searching. This bulk email finder will give a list of emails with all the possible personal details.



Now that you have an idea concerning email list verifiers, you must understand the importance of their existence for your business. Go for the best email verifying services like leadsprospex, which will help you create a valid email list for marketing to boost your b2b lead generation efforts.


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